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Out of a good number of web storage platforms available, iCloud by Apple Inc. are one of the most renowned web storage platforms which owes to its integration with Apple technology and the spectrum of features that the platform provides to its users. The paid versions of the application, irrespective of the fact being owned by Apple, are available to the users at competitive prices. The iCloud Storage Space on the cloud platform is optimized automatically and the content is automatically sorted into folders as per the folders on the host systems. The initial free membership plan offers a storage space of 5 GB without charging any cost for the same. How to login to the apple icloud account? An iCloud platform is a great option for all the Apple devices but the Windows users need to think before investing with this app since the Windows version of the app has got a number of drawbacks.


The iCloud web storage platform has a number of advantages to offer to its users which owes to its wide reputation and user base. The following are some of the advantages of using the iCloud storage platform:

  • If the user is using any Apple device, the application comes as the default web storage application. The synchronization process is pretty fast and ordered on the Apple devices. The photos are sorted especially in a separate library on the cloud storage and the files are sorted as per their folders on the host system. The synchronization occurs automatically as well.
  • The customer care and support team of iCloud is one of the best that one can get. The service is online all around the clock just for the benefits of the users. The team provides the users with technical assistance as and when needed by them. Users can report any sort of problems they face while using iCloud to them anytime and they would come up with a solution as soon as possible.
  • The free membership plans offer a free storage space of 5 GB to the users which in fact lie on the greater side when compared with the competitors in the segment. The storage space available for use can be increased by using the paid versions of the application.
  • The data on the cloud storage is encrypted using 128 bit AES protocol which is near impossible to break. The file transfers are also secured using TLS. This ensures that the data of the users are safe.


The following are some of the disadvantages of using the iCloud web storage platform:

  • The Windows version of the iCloud Login application fails drastically and most of the features that the Apple device users get are invalid.
  • The transfer speeds on iCloud are below average. It has been found that it takes greater time to download a file of a certain size than it took to upload the same on the platform.
  • There is no provision for email assistance from customer care.
  • Data transfer is available in paid versions only.
  • No facility for selective synchronization.


iCloud is a great web storage platform for all Apple device users. For all the Windows users, there are much better alternatives for web storage facilities.

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